The Last Dragon Chronicles

The Fire Within

The Fire Within (ISBN: 978 1 84121 533 4)

A prequel to the events of Icefire and beyond, in this book we meet our hero, David Rain as a student desperate to find lodging. He is relieved to find a place at Wayward Crescent, living with the seemingly normal Mrs Pennykettle, who makes clay dragons for a living, and her small daughter Lucy.

But one day, David finds himself involved in Lucy’s quest to save the life of a dying squirrel. This finds him on a journey of discovery, where he learns not only about himself, but the secret of Mrs Pennykettle’s clay dragons!

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Icefire (ISBN: 978 1 84362 134 8)

In this exciting sequel to The Fire Within, we find David Rain asked by his lecturer to prove the existence of dragons. In order to win the prize of a research trip to the Arctic, David must embark on a dangerous trip of discovery from which there is no return. He will learn much more than he expected, not only about dragons – but the mysterious legends of the Arctic and the polar bears…

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Firestar (ISBN: 978 1 84362 522 3)

This installment continues the dragon saga, as David Rain once more must stop the evil sibyl Gwilanna as she tries again to revive Gawain - the last dragon - from the dead. An epic quest which sees the characters braving the Arctic wilderness, this thrilling sequel will have readers on the edge of their seats until the dramatic conclusion.

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The Fire Eternal

The Fire Eternal (ISBN: 978 1 84616 426 2)

Five years have passed since the mysterious disappearance of cult author, David Rain in the Arctic. Now, a number of strange events have come to pass – the Arctic ice is melting, polar bears are starving and the ghosts of Inuit souls haunt the skies. As the weather grows wilder and the icecaps melt, all eyes turn from the north to David’s daughter, Alexa. She may be the key to stopping it, but can one girl save the world from the forces of evil?

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Dark Fire

Dark Fire (ISBN: 978 1 84616 955 7)

With Earth on the brink of recolonisation by dragons, David Rain has an important mission: to seek out and destroy a trace of dark fire, the deadliest force in the universe. But with this task comes a terrible price: the destruction of one beloved clay dragon. What will David choose, when one small life means the rise of a Darkling?

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Rain and Fire

Rain and Fire (ISBN: 978 1 408 31269 8)

Explore the breathtaking universe of David Rain and discover the secrets behind the stories and the facts behind the fiction. Meet the weird and wonderful, the frightening and the fantastic - if you dare to step into the dragons' den...

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For Younger Readers

The Dragons of Wayward Crescent

By Chris d'Lacey, author of The Last Dragon Chronicles. This is your chance to find out what happened before David Rain arrived at Wayward Crescent.


Gruffen (ISBN: 978 1 84616 609 9)

When Lucy Pennykettle suspects there's a monster in her bedroom, her mum knows exactly what to do. She makes a guard dragon - Gruffen - to look after Lucy. But soon Gruffen realises there's a mystery behind the monster.


Gauge (ISBN: 978 1 84616 610 5)

Trouble is brewing in Scrubbley! The town council want to demolish the old clock. Lucy isn't really interested in a silly old clock but her mother is determined to save it - with the help of a timing dragon called Gauge.


Glade (ISBN: 978 1 84616 611 2)

Lucy is horrified when her mum decided to sell one of her special dragons. She doesn't want Glade the mood dragon to go anywhere. But maybe someone else desperately needs Glade's help...


Grabber (ISBN: 978 1 84616 612 9)

There's a burglar on the loose in Scrubbley! What will happen when he steals one of the Wayward Crescent dragons? Will Grabber become a robber too?